prototypes to products,
without costing the earth

Sveiki orig. Latvian / trans. "Hi"
, I'm Chris
I provide web/data projects, capability development and tech strategy to those who care about the environment

  • "Working with Chris was a revelation about the mindfulness with which technology can be created."
    picture of Lauren Coulman Lauren Coulman
    @ Noisy Cricket
  • "Chris has been fantastic at supporting us the past year as we navigate our start up journey. Without his help, we wouldn't have built such a robust set of tools as we have now and be in the position for growth that we are."
    picture of Adam Bastock Adam Bastock
    @ Small99

Principles for meaningful apps

  • 1. Tech should serve us and not the other way around. Nature is our majority stakeholder. Let's do the hard work to make visible, avoid or mitigate the unintended cost of digital.
  • 2. Strategy, design and development are parts of the same whole. None of them succeed in a vaccuum. We make better things when these work together.
  • 3. It matters what technology choices and practices we employ. When working for environmental benefit then privacy, security and sustainability are not optional but fundamental for a more convivial world.

Who on earth am I?

A profile picture of Chris Oram standing in a forest

My name is Chris Oram. As you'd expect, I'm a former software developer, tech lead, architect, 'head of', advisor to 'C' people and overall digital maker for too many years (15+ if you want a quant). I provide tech strategy, capability development and software to those who care about the environment.

I've made tech stacks and cultivated teams for public and private sectors spanning finance, media, retail, food, education, government, socialcare, healthcare and deathcare (yep, that's a real thing). I've been trusted by well known mega corps. But now I help small teams to do more with less.

Tech is not neutral. How we intentionally apply it, matters. I advocate for sustainable engineering, post-growth/degrowth/coop models, local-first software and fostering FOSS.

I write a newsletter called spored that puts a lens on biodiversity software. If you'd like to read more about me, here is my personal site.

When not strategising, developing or hitting a keyboard I can be found home steading, rambling or running outdoors 🌲🌲🌲.

Paid ways to work with me

  • Mapping >> Map a path forward towards realising an idea, plan the architecture to serve our eco-systems ethically or solve a burning challenge.
  • Developing >> Develop a functional prototype or first product, within an environmentally conscious framework, in weeks not months.
  • Leading >> Fractional tech leadership to grow your own development capability and sustain the mission for the long haul.

If you're not ready to work with me, that's ok. Take a look at - spored - instead.

  • "My 'go-to' when I want an opinion on a technical dilemma I’m facing. I would hire Chris in a heartbeat, should the opportunity arise, and highly recommend him to any org looking for a master technical strategist."
    picture of Arafat Sadiq Arafat Sadiq
    @ MyPulse
  • "Chris is a tech solutions architect in the truest sense; you tell him what is needed and he'll know the most effective & efficient way to make it happen."
    picture of Will Mercer Will Mercer
    @ Zag

How to connect

  • Formal stuff can be found on LinkedIn.
  • Informal stuff can be found on Mastodon.
  • Book a video call.
  • You can always send me a direct email. For those who know how to use it here is my public GnuPG key too.
  • If you'd rather message then send me an email where I'll provide you with my Signal number and we can chat away that way.